Yoga Ball Exercises

There is a great variety of different yoga ball exercises, which you may use instead of the simple tiresome fitness. With yoga ball both stability exercises and active ones are available. You may use the yoga poses with the better stability provided by physioball and from the other hand more muscle power which is needed to stay stable.
You can make exercises on the ball or with the ball behind your back which give the loads for the muscles of abdominal zone, legs, arms, back, and you can also make some muscle stretching exercises while simply sitting on the ball. Fitness on the ball or as you may call it fitball can make lots of fun and it is less tiresome and exhausting than fitness.
Back ball exercises are very useful for people having neck pain or back pain. The special massage yoga balls may also provide the pain relief therapy. In medicine stomach problems are often caused by the bad positioning of the abdominal tract which affects the normal circulation of blood and prevents food from normal digestion. There are special stomach exercises with the balance ball which are really delicate but effectively improving blood circulation and gradually return the abdominal zone to its normal position.
When you begin the practical daily workouts with the yoga ball in the beginning you may probably need video lessons which can help you to find out all the benefits and possibilities of yoga ball exercises. But first of all you should choose the right ball for your weight, height and the level of tension. It is better to test it before buying.

One of the most popular yoga ball exercises are dedicated to the abs fit. You stay on your knees a bit forward with your body weight mostly on the elbows lying on the exercise ball.

And then you begin to roll the ball forward that your body makes the line with the thighs. After that you may roll back the ball until your knees are bended again like it was initially.

Among the other popular on the ball exercises for the abs is when you lay with your back on the yoga ball but your feet remain on the floor providing stability, your thighs and upper body would be parallel to the ground. Put your hands up with the fingers on the head and start simple crunching exercise, which is quite typical for abs fit.

Very good exercise for the shoulders and triceps may remind you a bit the normal press up or push up exercises. But with the fitness ball it is more effectively working as you put your legs up on the ball, face to the ground and start to push up.

Quite many exercises may be connected with the simple ball balancing – for example when lie on the ball and it is nearly in the center of your body, and the whole body parallel to the floor, hands on the floor, and then start to take one arm up and keep the balance in this position without moving. This is a kind of yoga stability pose; you should brief deeply during the stable exercises and stay calm.

You may also try another popular yoga positions with the yoga ball like for example upward and downward facing dog with your hips on the ball, hands straightened, looking up. For the back you may try such exercise with the resistance ball which is good for extension of the back: put your hands behind the head, with your body in the area of the hips and low abs lying on the ball and begin to lift the upper part of the body up with the legs and knees straight, your body should make a line.

In any case it is better to see your doctor before starting the regular yoga ball exercises, especially if you have any injuries or traumas in the past or if you face any heart problems.