Yoga Ball Chair

yoga ball chair Yoga ball chair is the kind of the stable basis looking like the office chair with the legs and on the wheels but on top of it there is installed the balance exercise ball which makes it possible to stay active and take care of your muscles during the working day. Many office workers who spend full week on the chair by the computer know how much the body and its parts is missing the healthy movements, stretches and simple physical activity. Sometimes in the end of the day you already don’t have any power to go the gym. So the yoga chair makes it possible to make office yoga during the day. There are lots of yoga stability poses which may be done on the sitting balls. You may find lots of them in the internet, but also you can experience the benefits of the healthy office life by yourself. You just need to choose the pose or the movement when you feel that your muscles are working. Listen to your body, be flexible and you will see the effect very soon.
Yoga ball chair is ergonomic modern designed innovative furniture which will easily fit inside any office space. It does not require any additional place or extra cabinet. It is light weight, easy to move and you can choose among the great variety of different sized and colored balls, chairs and models.
The stability ball is not stable so you need to use extra power of your muscles to keep it well balanced, which makes your muscles work. In the beginning it might be a little tricky and funny but after when you will be more used to it you will feel that your muscles are working even when you are stable. Your spine will be straighter and the body position will improve the blood circulation. When sitting on the ball desk chair you will still have to answer the phone or to turn to the printer, so you’ll have to change your position on the ball quite often and to stay balanced you’ll have to use your muscle power. You don’t’ have to go to the gym to make the stretching exercises or the stable yoga positions – you can make it all sitting on the ball chair.
Most of the office workers face the problem of the fat abdominal zone due to the fixed position at the table without moving. But when you have to try to stay balanced your abdominal zone muscles are working mostly all the time.
An ergonomic chair with the exercise ball will cost you not more than the normal office chair, and you will save your money for fitness, yoga classes and you will stay healthy and active after the long day in the office. So, there are much more benefits than you can realize.
You can easily order one of the yoga chairs in internet. You may buy one of the cheap models for around 70 USD, though the prices may range from 70 to 200 USD for the best models. According to the customers reviews the yoga ball chair is much more practical and more often used than the yoga ball, which you may forget on top of your cupboard after using it couple of times.