Ball Exercises For Women

yoga and pregnancy There are different types of ball exercises for women depending on the purposes and abilities. Great variety of yoga ball exercises may be the stable ones or more active one aimed to fit some groups of muscles, like abs, back or hips. Due to the balance that you have to keep during sitting or lying on the ball even the peaceful and non exhausting exercises provide great effect. Simply sitting on the fitness ball makes the blood circulation better due to the spine position and the whole body keeping the balance.
First of all you should choose the right ball for your weight, height and the level of tension. It is better to test it before buying.
In medicine stability balls are widely used in rehabilitation centers. During the last decade it has become very popular to use the fitness ball during pregnancy by future mothers. There has even appeared the special name for these cases of usage of exercise ball (although it is the same type of the ball made of rubber and filled with the air) – birthing ball or labor birth ball.
For pregnant woman it is very important both for her and for the unborn child to have the good blood circulation, enough oxygen and simply to stay active, fit and happy.
The exercise ball helps the muscles of abdominal zone to stay fit and strong which is really important during the process of childbirth, especially during the stage of the labor when pushing is needed to help the child easily be born. Ball exercises for women also help the pregnant woman to train her stability which becomes more difficult in the end of pregnancy period.

With the help of yoga ball it is easier for pregnant woman to make the exercises for her abs then simply lying on the carpet, when it is impossible to keep balancing and equally spread the tension.
The ball exercises during the prenatal period are also important because the fit pregnant woman will recover after the labor quicker and will have easier birth process.
The easiest way to start your birth ball exercise course is just to sit on it with the strain straight, feet on the ground, trying to feel the balance and make it comfortable to sit like that. You can then start easy moving, rolling the ball on the floor with the help of the legs and the body. Then you can try to sit on the ball with your feet as wide as the shoulders, putting your hands on the knees, head a little bit up. You may be also leaning along the birth ball standing on your knees with your hands and chest relaxed on the ball. It is good for pregnant women to do some stretching exercises for legs while sitting on the birthing ball. Leaning on the ball and sitting on it is also used during the real labor process in some birth centers. Ball exercises for women help them to overcome the back pain and make the labor process easier.